Trans Australia Trails

Trans Australia Trails (or TAUT for short) is the place to come if you want to get out on your bike and travel this wide brown land of ours.

It doesn't matter if it's a 3 month odyssey round Australia, or a day trip from your home town.


We gave ourselves a deadline of today (Sunday 15th August 2021) to get the new version of Taut online, as Brad has to head O/S later this week. That will give us a few days to fix any issues that may arise before he leaves.

We've had to leave a few rough edges in the site for now, to meet the deadline. Mainly cosmetic issues which won't affect using the system, and a few minor annoyances, like the search form not remembering your choices when you go back to it. They can be fixed reasonably quickly, and we thought it better to get it up before we reached 2 years since having to take down the 'Tracks Add' function due to a minor security issue that various hackers were trying to exploit.

We now have Taut running on all the latest software, which is much more secure, more flexible, and faster.

But we do have a lot of things left on our plate, which I'll summarise below:

There are bound to be problems that you run into with the new site. We can't anticipate all the stupid things you will attempt to do;-) but we will commit to attempting to fix them as fast as we can. To that end, can I implore you to add a message to the Advrider thread at Trans-Australia Trails, Share your GPS tracks

Note for registered users

The other thing to note with the new system is that if you are a registered user, you will need to change your password to use the more secure encryption that the new software provides. You only need to do this if you actually want to upload a new track or edit some of your tracks details.

Finding tracks

Simple as. Find tracks that meet your requirements by name, region, difficulty etc. You can display all the tracks you are interested in on the one map.

View the information saved with each track. Each track has a description, and is categorised by type, difficulty, etc, so you can see whether it is suitable for your skill, bike type, etc.

Once you have found the track(s) you want, click to download the GPX or KML files to your GPS, and off you go.

Sharing your tracks

If you have recorded any of your memorable trips on your GPS, put them up on TAUT for others to enjoy.

We can take track files from most GPS types, and you can annotate the trip when you upload it to tell potential riders everything they need to know about it.


GPS help

Thanks to XRman on Advrider, we have information to help you get started with GPS on your bike.

GPS help

He has also written an excellent overview of how to create your own tracks using BaseCamp in an article for Adventure Rider magazine.

BaseCamp basics

Many thanks to Adventure Rider magazine for allowing us to reproduce it here.


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